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Surfing Waves


"You and your husband have saved my life and without this program and services you provide I don't know what my life would be like."
Louis. M.

"The staff talk to us. They are friendly and care about us. It's much better than the one I use to go to. We do work. We sit and meditate. We laugh and enjoy 'ourself.' I feel better when I go to this program. The people there are nice. I enjoy the program."
Marcia S.

"I enjoy the effort made to get a ride to and from the program. I like the people and the boss Mr. & Mrs. Sampson."
Carl J.

"I like to come because I get to smoke, hang around, talking having something to eat and coming to class. I like the place."
Robin I.

"I get to meet a lot of people. Lots to do. Food is good. I like talking with other people who are here and getting to know them."
Melba G-D.

"I like the food. I like the way the instructors present the program. It feels familiar to what you are going through. Mr. Dean encouraged me to walk during the days when I get a break and it is helping. I like getting out in the morning. It is good to get out and come to the program."
Willa M.


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