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Treatment Philosophy and Mission Statement

Paradise for Living Services exists to treat people with substance abuse problems and the affected people in their lives and assist them in restoration as productive functioning members of society. Admission within our scope of care is to American Society of Addictive Medicine (ASAM) levels. We are a Level II ASAM Program. The services provided are organized and structured non-residential services offered to person’s age range 18 - 99, who meet the eligibility requirements for treatment.

It is the philosophy of Paradise for Living Services that Chemical Dependency is a primary, progressive, chronically debilitating disease, which left untreated can be fatal. Paradise for Living Services believes that drug problems usually begin innocently with social and experimental use and progress to abusive use, and then to dependence which is accelerated if certain genetic factors are present. As a primary bio-psycho-social illness, chemical influences are present in the brain forever if a client has crossed over into actual chemical dependence, and will not permit those individuals to successfully process mood-altering chemicals in a controlled manner. Therefore, total abstinence is the only guaranteed method of arresting problems caused by these chemicals. Millions of people in recovery who never thought this would be possible have “field-tested” this fact and attest to its truth.

A variety of methods are utilized to achieve this goal on an individualized basis, taking into consideration cultural factors and using group processing as a primary tool. Twelve-step and other self-help groups are highly recommended as adjunct therapy, and are matched to client’s specific needs while respecting individual spiritual/religious beliefs. Though cessation of drinking/using can be immediate, the recovery process can last a lifetime.

Paradise for Living Services uses a holistic approach to healing--body, mind, and spirit--all of which suffers damage during years of neglect and abuse. It is our mission to (1) support the recovery of clients and their family members and reduce symptoms, (2) enhance the quality of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of persons served, (3) improve overall functioning of persons served, and (4) re-enter society with the knowledge and tools necessary to avoid reinitiating of the disease, leading life in a happy and fulfilling manner, without the use of drugs.

Additionally, Paradise for Living Services views addiction as a disease process. It is our goal to provide education and resources within the community to assist others in avoiding progression into dependency.

Program Description

1. Outpatient Services, American Society of Addictive Medicine Level II.

Set by appointment. Effort is made to accommodate individual scheduling needs.*

Each service is provided at Paradise for Living Services' primary location: 2165 West Park Court, Suite A Stone Mountain, GA 30087. We encourage clients to engage in outside accountability and support groups, and have referrals and contact information on site for these community groups.

Contacting Paradise for Living Services:

Our office accepts phone calls Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM. After hours and on weekends, we have an on-call staff member who will return all after hour emergency calls.


Paradise for Living Services shall provide services based on the following outline:

I. Client referral, intake, and assessment

  • A. Screening
  • B. Assessment
    • 1. Physical assessment
    • 2. Psycho-social assessment

  • C. Admission
    • 1. Consent for treatment
      • a. Description of services and treatment
      • b. Condition that will be treated
      • c. Fees for services
      • d. Client Rights and Responsibilities
      • e. Rights of consenters to obtain information about the client's treatment
      • f. Procedures for complaint and question resolution
      • g. Preliminary treatment plan
    • 2. Orientation
      • a. Explanation of the expected benefits of treatment
      • b. Explanation of Individualized treatment planning
      • c. Client's rights and responsibilities for adhering to treatment plan and consequences for non-adherence
      • d. Identification of the staff person who is expected to provide treatment
      • e. Program rules and consequences for violations
      • f. Client's Rights, Responsibilities, and Complaints
II. Drug dependent pregnant females shall be given priority for admission and services should the program have a waiting list for admissions.

III. Individualized treatment planning
  • A. Preliminary treatment plan
  • B. Complete individualized treatment plan
    • 1. Description of the client's problems and needs in client's own words.
    • 2. Measurable goals and objectives
    • 3. Interventions that the program will provide to help the client achieve the individual goals
    • 4. Expected course of treatment
    • 5. Identification of staff person who will provide treatment
  • C. Progress notes
  • D. Random urine drug screens
  • E. Treatment plan reviews: 30, 90, and 120 days
  • IV. Transition/ discharge summaries and aftercare plans
    • A. Discharge summary
    • B. Aftercare plan


PFLS New Client Referral
PFLS New Client Referral

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