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Paradise for Living Services, Inc. (PFLS) is a non-profit 501 C 3 organization, a CORE Services and Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) provider contracted by the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities (DBHDD). PFLS is Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) Accredited and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Education Program (DATEP) licensed in the state of Georgia.

PFLS was established in 2008 in the state of Georgia through the vision of Dean and Marie Sampson and their overwhelming passion to minister to the needs of hurting people. The Sampsons established a recovery ministry in 2008 to serve individuals and their families who were dealing with the disease of drug and/or alcohol addictions. Through that program, known as the Paradise for Living Recovery Ministry, the Sampsons reached out to various recovery organizations and facilities to bring forth what was needed to meet the needs of those suffering in these areas a ray of hope.

In Georgia, each year thousands of individuals are dealing with the disease of mental illness and addiction. Some are fortunate enough to overcome these diseases that plague the many neighborhoods and communities in America. However, there are those who need help from organizations such as Paradise for Living Services to overcome these diseases in order for them to lead a productive and stable life. Through PFLS services, we are able to facilitate and help those who are struggling with mental illness and addiction to begin a pathway to recovery which would cause their lives to be transformed.

Paradise for Living Services Inc. is not a medical facility. All medical needs of an individual are referred to outside sources including all drug screening/testing done at contractual testing site. While we provide a variety of services through our agency, we DO NOT provide sleeping, housing, cooking, or screening/testing at our administrative office located at 1836 Rockbridge Road, Stone Mountain, GA 30087. This address location is strictly used for our administrative staff and counseling services.

PFLS is not inundated in the service area by similar agencies that provide the services that we do. Although there are quite a few agencies (20), what makes us different is our ability to create such a home based environment for our clients. We not only look to cater to their mental health needs and addiction, but we help to create a support system for the clients with our team that is involved. Every day for one hour we provide an activity hour which includes games, trivia, arts and crafts where the individuals are free to be themselves and enjoy each otherís company. In addition, individuals are provided with an optional spirituality group where they are free to share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings of their higher being. With these two hours alone, PFLS helps to create a family like environment and helps the individuals holistically and not just clinically.

In one on one session with individuals, clinicians provide one hour sessions of therapy based on individualís treatment plan. Clinicians provide interventions that involve principles, methods and procedures of counseling that assist the person in identifying and resolving personal, social, vocational, intrapersonal and interpersonal concerns. These interventions are directed towards achievement of specific goals defined by the individual.

Therapists also engage in family counseling which provides systematic interactions between the identified individual, staff and the individualís identified family members directed toward restoration, development, enhancement or maintenance of functioning of the identified consumer/family unit; this includes support of the family and specific therapeutic interventions/activities to enhance family roles, relationships, communications and functioning that promote the recovery of the individual. Paraprofessionals (PP) facilitate sessions to guide individuals to independence; money management, take the Marta, finding independent housing, shopping, doctorís appointments, community linkages etc.

PFLS is different because we not only provide services to consumers who can afford to pay through Medicaid but we also provide services to individuals who do not have any resources. We provide a family oriented environment where everyone feels comfortable (like a home) and feel important. We link them to transportation services to and from the program daily. On a daily basis staff provides breakfast and lunch as well as funds for medication out of pocket. PFLS utilizes unique techniques to obtain these dimensions.


Paradise for Living Services, Inc. is a community-based agency that believes in solution focused treatment by providing families with a new beginning that will positively affect change and improve their quality of life, and make a successful re-entry into mainstream society.


Paradise for Living Services, Inc.'s service vision is to utilize the strength based perspective in order to provide services to adults and their families by working to improve family dynamics.


Paradise For Living Services Inc. is an organization of Excellence in the provision of services to anyone who has experienced issues of mental health, substance abuse challenges and/or homelessness. Our objective is to teach individuals self-sufficiency and ways to become productive in an effective and efficient manner.

Paradise for Living Services, Inc.