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Paradise for Living Services, Inc. (PFLS) provides representative payee services in accordance with ss. 51.61(1)(v), stats of "Except as otherwise provided under ss. 51.61(1)(v), Stats., a ‘beneficiary’ shall be permitted to use the beneficiary’s own money as the beneficiary wishes.” A service provider holding funds for a beneficiary shall give the beneficiary an accounting of those funds. PFLS recognizes that internal control plan is an expectation on how to meet its various goals and objectives by using policies and procedures to minimize risk. Components of internal control are reviewed and updated as conditions warrant, but at least annually. As such, PFLS policies and procedures are reviewed annually to ensure that they remain up-to-date and that they are consistent with statutory or funding-agency requirements for handling beneficiaries’ funds.


PFLS develops, maintains, and follows a written policy and procedure for being a representative payee for beneficiary funds consistent with the requirements in ss. 51.61(1)(v). Beneficiary funds are actively managed and administered by PFLS in order to maintain appropriate spending decisions for all beneficiaries, thus ensuring that their day-to-day needs for food and shelter are met. Then, the money is used for any of the beneficiary’s medical and dental care that is not covered by health insurance, and for personal needs, such as clothing and recreation.

Paradise for Living Services, Inc.