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Paradise for Living Services Inc. is openly committed to providing the support necessary to help facilitate a successful reentry for all of our ex-offender consumers, including those with charges of a sexual nature. Although we do not placate criminal and inappropriate behavior or activities, we do play an active and deliberate role in assisting men and women that have a sincere desire to move beyond their past errors in judgment. To quote the Apostle Paul, “This one thing I do… forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before (Philippians 3:13).”

PFLS offers an intensive 12-month case management program which offers six core comprehensive services that assist those on the road to recovery. These services include: employment, housing, education, family reunification, health care and spiritual guidance. By addressing and providing resources in these six key areas, PFLS hopes to aid and empower those seeking sobriety and stability in order to achieve a successful and renewed lifestyle.

Although the demand is high, PFLS passionately feels that providing solutions to the many barriers our consumers face, we can reduce the rate of relapse and slowly but surely build back the integrity of our families in the Metro Atlanta area and provide a safe and healthier place for our future generations to live.

The following is a partial list of the services tailored specifically for men and women with misdemeanor and/or felony charges:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Program Intake
  • Weekly Pre-release Reentry Classes facilitated inside prison
  • Weekly Post-Release Reentry Classes facilitated for individuals not in prison
  • Advocate on behalf of consumers with Probation and Parole
  • Advocate on behalf of consumers with judicial proceedings
  • Weekly comprehensive work search assistance
    • 1. Employment Counseling
    • 2. Job search
    • 3. Job Referrals
    • 4. Advocate on behalf of consumers with prospective employers
    • 5. Resumes/Cover Letter writing
    • 6. Linkage to training Programs
      • a) Truck Driving
      • b) Barbering/Cosmetology
      • c) Culinary Arts
      • d) Etc.
  • Linkage to Community Resources
    • 1. SNAP
    • 2. Medical Assistance
    • 3. Food Assistance
    • 4. Utility Assistance
    • 5. Vocational Rehabilitation
    • 6. Social Security
    • 7. Identification
    • 8. Birth Certificate
    • 9. Education/Training
    • 10. Etc.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment *
  • Mental Health Counseling *
  • Behavioral Issue Counseling *
  • Transitional Housing **

*(If Medicaid or Medicare recipient).
**(If available and if Medicaid or Medicare recipient).

It is in the best interest of our prison system, our judicial system, and our communities to have an expert and effective local Reentry program that expedites the return of released former offenders. According to annual statistics, it is not a question of whether or not the majority of prison inmates will be released, but rather when. Paradise for living services has positioned itself to assist the return of released individuals in a manner that avoids burdening the communities they are returning to. We are proud to report the following achievements:

  • We have created an infrastructure, based on industry best practices, that enables our participants to secure employment, housing, and the necessary support services.
  • We have designed and implemented counseling and treatment plans that help reunite families and strengthen the family nucleus.
  • We have designed Reentry class topics that not only adequately prepare and equip participants to reemerge in society, but also force the former offenders to acknowledge the harm they have caused others and to accept the restitution that is required of them.
  • From the inception of the program, there has been a zero tolerance policy for criminal activities and behavior.
  • From the inception of the program, there has been a zero recidivism rate for our resident consumers charged with sex offenses.
  • Each of our resident consumers with charges of a sexual nature that is able to work has secured employment, and their employers attest to the consumers’ exemplary job performances.
  • Each of our consumer residents with charges of a sexual nature consistently and successfully submits and adheres to all requirements set forth by the Georgia Department of Corrections’ Probation and Parole division and the courts.
  • Each of our resident consumers with charges of a sexual nature satisfies the routine polygraph requirements, and the findings consistently reveal no indication of any questionable behavior or activity.

Paradise For Living Services can continue to succeed as an agent of change, and we can help former offenders to reinvent themselves. However, we can’t do it alone. We need the help of partners that understand that successful Reentry contributes to a strong and safe community. We need the help of business owners and decision makers that understand the value of a second chance. We need the help of concerned individuals that will help us to pay the cost for housing, utilities, water and transportation. We need the help of people that can provide beds, furniture and other donations. We need the help of professionals that are willing to volunteer their expertise in the areas of specialized treatment, counseling, money management, nutrition, and other in-kind services. We need the help of people who want to make a difference. And we need you now.


Paradise for Living Services, Inc.