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Paradise For Living Services Inc.'s (PFLS) Transitional Housing Program provides residence for men and women struggling with homelessness. In addition to housing, our resident consumers are also provided wrap-around services to assist their efforts to develop stability in their lives. Services may include substance abuse treatment, employment counseling, group and individual counseling, crisis intervention, budgeting, and housekeeping training. PFLS also provides linkage to partner programs that provide educational and training programs, health care, and other support services to homeless adults. The aim of our Transitional Housing Program is to help homeless adults to address and solve their problems and gain the skills and support they need to achieve self-reliance and independence. PFLS provides housing for homeless recovering addicts, homeless adults diagnosed with mental health and/or behavioral challenges, homeless individuals with misdemeanor and/or felony charges (including offenses of a sexual nature), and other homeless adults.

The following is a partial listing of the services routinely provided by Paradise For Living Services Inc.’s Transitional Housing Program for homeless adults:

  • Housing that satisfies all local, state, and federal requirements for individuals with mental health issues, behavioral issues and substance abuse issues.
  • Housing that adheres to all probationary and parole requirements for the ex-offender population.
  • Daily transportation to and from individual and group counseling and therapy sessions.
  • Cable Television for group home residents.
  • Paid utility, water and maintenance bills.
  • Housing maintenance.
  • On site House Management for the Group Home.
  • Routine home visits from the agency’s Case Managers.
  • Individual Developmental Plans designed by the agency’s Interdisciplinary Treatment Team.

Housing for Individuals with Offenses of a Sexual Nature

Presently, Paradise For Living Services Inc. houses 6 individuals with charges of a sexual nature. The program is highly sensitive to the expressed safety concerns of the community. These concerns remain daily at the forefront of the program’s commitment to being a good and conscientious neighbor. To this end, we uncompromisingly submit and adhere to all housing requirements for individuals with charges of a sexual nature. We and our designated residents satisfy all probationary, parole, and court mandates. Additionally, we maintain an open door, and often unannounced, visitation policy with the County Probation Office. Referrals for supportive services for housing that are received from the Department of Corrections for sex offenders, individuals who require probation etc. are placed in transitional housing located at Columbia Condominiums in Decatur, GA. These individuals attend classes to satisfy their probation and are seen by their probation officers weekly.


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